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a taste of Durango, Mexico, made in Akron, Ohio


Not Yo’ Daddy’s Mexican Hot Sauce® is made from an original, secret, family recipe hailing from Durango, Mexico. Our hot sauce brings forth the bold and distinctive flavors from “El Norte” - the northern region of Mexico. The deliberate selection of ingredients makes this hot sauce the perfect balance of hot and flavorful sure to satisfy the most adventurous and daring palates.


The Blends



This is the original, secret family recipe created by Cristina’s Daddy - Not Yo’ Daddy! A dense, perfectly hot and flavorful sauce. Savory, intriguing and packed with a delayed wave of heat. Try it on eggs, avocado toast or mix in with Lawson’s Chip Dip or hummus for easy party dips.


Olé Chipotle

Complex and earthy flavors with chocolate and tobacco notes. This hot sauce is our most flavorful one with a more noble amount of heat. Mix with mayonnaise for a decadent aioli that quickly elevates any sandwich. It is also great on chili!


Ghost Pepper

This hot sauce will have your tastebuds painfully asking for more. The intense heat leaves little room to experience the fruity, apricot flavors that your nose will detect. Melt butter and add a few dashes of this hot sauce to make a daring wing sauce.


Sweet Smoke

The least hot, but not quite mild, sauce. The blend of chiles used makes it sweeter and smokier than the original recipe. Likened to a barbecue sauce, Sweet Smoke is best paired with pork, grilled meats or drinks like Micheladas and Bloody Marys.


Scotch (Bold) Bonnet

Bring the brightness, playfulness and warmth from the Caribbean to any dish with this hot sauce. Expect citrusy, slightly tart flavors with hints of apples. A versatile sauce that will bring serious heat and flavor to chickpea bowl, tuna salads or pizza.


This stuff is addicting! I’ve never considered myself a hot sauce lover until I was given a bottle of this sauce. Now I can’t go without. There is so much flavor in just one drop.
— Jennifer Rouf
This might just be the best hot sauce I’ve ever had. I love the flavor and good amount of heat. So glad I found it! I might start carrying with me everywhere I go, so I can put it on everything
— Adam Campbell
I typically just add peppers to my dishes as I don’t
like most hot sauces (they taste like spicy vinegar to me - gross). Thankfully, a friend and I gave this a try at a farmer’s market and it’s amazing. A nice slow burn with a great flavor. I’ve been putting it on everything and it’s just great!
— Ondi Rose
I live in Texas where we like it HOT! This sauce is amazingly HOT and oh so delicious!!! You won’t be disappointed! Shout out to Suzie Pruitt, owner of ElyRoad Boutique in Akron, OH for sending me a bottle... I’m hooked!
— Cheryl Gallaher


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